Voluntary Participation

Parents at Carpinteria Family School are active participants in their children's education and play an integral role in the school's environment. We encourage parents to spend 40 or more hours of participation per year. However, participation is entirely voluntary as we recognize that many parents have schedules and other needs that may not allow such participation. Participation can take several forms:

  1. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in and/or outside the classroom for 1 hour each week. This can consist of a variety of activities including: working with children on academics, bringing personal expertise, e.g. cooking lessons or art lessons to the children and/or assisting teachers with other classroom activities. Alternatively, other options outside of the classroom can include preparing or supporting projects at home, after work, or on the weekend.

  2. Parents are invited to PFCFS monthly, one hour meetings. These evening meetings   provide a valuable opportunity to connect with staff and other parents at the school and for giving input.

  3.  Parents may participate in one of the Parent Tribes which include (but are not limited to):

          "Fun-(d)" Raising Tribe
          Community Tribe
          Publicity Tribe
          Green Initiative Tribe
          Enrichment Tribe

  4. Important services to the school are available through voluntary donations. Fundraising opportunities such as jog-a-thon, etc. occur yearly.

  5. Parents are invited to participate in one "Compassionate Communication" two hour workshop provided by the school.