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Fifth Grade Promotion!

What an unusual year! We wish our fifth graders the best of luck in their future endeavors. MANY thanks to Justin Rowe for his incredible skill in putting together this promotion video, which was watched live through ZOOM with the fifth grade students and their teachers, counselor, Leti, and me. I hope you get a chance to see it!

All the best

Jamie Persoon


Welcome to Canalino and CFS!

Canalino School provides our students with a motivating and thought-provoking education program that meets the needs of the whole child. We encourage all students to reach their highest potential as confident, respectful, problem-solving life-long learners. We achieve this through strong and unique connections between school, home and community. Parents for Canalino

Carpinteria Family School by design embraces a Small School - Multi-Age Classroom Pedagogy for consistency and continuity. We foster a cooperative community of students, educators and parents dedicated to cultivating a safe, nurturing and creative learning environment. By honoring our students' diversity and uniqueness we develop creative, critical thinkers and by implementing service learning projects we inspire contributing, compassionate members of our local and global community. Parents for CFS